Highlights Masterclasses, Seoul, 2023

The Agricultural Cooperative of Bioproducers of West Hellas, “Bio Net West Hellas,” and the Bulgarian Organic Products Association recently held three masterclasses in Seoul as part of the European Program “EU ORGANIC.” The masterclasses took place at the Gangnam-daero, Seaocho,-gu, Seoul, on March 8th, 2023, and featured demonstrations of the preparation of organic products like olives, grapefruit, olive oil, and wine.

The masterclasses were led by a renowned chef and food ambassador who prepared meals using organic products while providing information on their origin, production methods, and nutritional value. The classes were attended by participants from various sectors, including retailers, wholesalers, and food service providers.

The European Program “EU ORGANIC” aims to promote organic farming and production methods in Europe, while also raising awareness about the nutritional benefits of organic products. The program is designed to support the development of the organic sector and to ensure a sustainable food supply.

“EU ORGANIC is an important program that highlights the benefits of organic products. The masterclasses provided an opportunity for industry leaders to learn about the production methods and nutritional value of organic products while enjoying a delicious meal prepared with these ingredients. We were pleased to see such a positive response to the masterclasses. It’s important to educate people about the benefits of organic products and to encourage them.

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