Building trust in European Organic Farming

In order for farmers to derive benefits from organic farming methods, consumers need to trust that the rules on organic production are being followed. Therefore, the EU maintains the following strict system of control and enforcement to guarantee that organics rules and regulations are being followed properly. As organic farming is part of a larger supply chain which encompasses food processing, distribution, and retail sectors, these are also subject to checks.

Each EU country appoints ‘control bodies or authorities’ to inspect operators in the organic’s food chain. Producers, distributors, and marketers of organic products must register with their local control body before they are allowed to market their food as organic.After they have been inspected and checked, they will be awarded a certificate to confirm that their products meet organic standards.

All operators are checked at least once a year to make sure that they are continuing to follow the rules. Imported organic food is also subject to control procedures to guarantee that they have also been produced and shipped in accordance with organic principles.

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